Marriage Settlement

Scope and Content

(i) Judith Morris of Llansilin, co. Denbigh, widow.

(ii) Jeffrey Morris of Llansilin, eldest son of (i).

(iii) Griffith Morris of Clarley, co. Salop, a younger son of (i).

(iv) Elizabeth Davies of Llangollen, co. Denbigh, widow.

(v) Mary Davies of Llangollen, spinster, daughter of (iv).

(vi) Thomas Morgan of Shrewsbury, co. Salop, esq.

(vii) John Jones of Bryn, co. Salop, gent.

(viii) William Hughes of Oswestry , co. Salop, esq., and Edward Foulkes of Llansilin, gent.

Property as in DD/WY/707 to (vi) upon trusts.

Consideration: intended marriage of (ii) and (v) and her portion of £100.