Copy post-nuptial Settlement

Scope and Content

(i) Katherine Evance, late of Trevlech, co. Salop, widow, and Edward Evance of Trevelech, gent.

(ii) Margaret Kinaston of Hordley co. Salop, widow, Edward Kinaston of Hordley, esq., and Humfrey Kinaston, clerk, vicar of Ellesmere, co. Salop.

Conveyance to (ii) of capital messuage in Trevelech and other messuages and lands in Trevelech, Trevirclawdd, Sweeney, Llyncklys, Trevonnen, Llanvorda and Oswestry, co. Salop and in Cayrey cova, co. Denbigh upon trusts (specified).

Consideration: previous marriage of Edward Evance and Jane, one of the daughters of Margaret Kinaston, and her portion of £300.