Post-nuptial Settlement

Scope and Content

(i) Harry Pugh of Penegoes, co. Montgomery, gent., and Humfrey Thomas Moris of Machynlleth, co. Montgomery, gent.

(ii) Lewis Morgan of Darowen, co. Montgomery, gent., Humfrey Pugh Tydder of Penegoes, gent., Lewis Rees of Talyllyn, co. Mereioneth, gent., and John ap Hugh Moris of Talyllyn, gent.

(iii) Richard Humffrrey of Machynlleth, gent.

Capital messuage called Tythin llwyn y gronva, messuages called Hendre yr On alias Tythin Tydder goch, Esgair galed and lands (named) in Penegoes to (ii) upon trusts.

Consideration: previous marriage of Harry Pugh and Mary, one of the daughters of Humfrey Thomas Moris.