Correspondence: Sir John Wynn (Gwydir) to his son [Sir Richard Wynn]

Scope and Content

Urges him not to be melancholy as now that his brother is dead he is his chief comfort and hope for the future and he urges him to marry anyone of his choice providing she has a reasonable fortune, quoting a Welsh proverb on the blessings of a good wife, recommends him to choose a Welsh bride suggesting Sir Thomas Myddelton's daughter as a possibility, rumours he has heard about him being in love and asks for the truth about it, warns him he must settle to a country life sooner or later to safeguard his estate which has been built up for him by his ancestors, unless he chooses to make a good match in London, urges him to acquire a lease of lands at Conway and Talycafn but keep it secret from his uncle who he describes as a villain.

4 Jan 1614/1615