Post-nuptial Settlement

Scope and Content

(i) John Morgans of Llanymawddwy, co. Merioneth, gent.

(ii) William Anwill of Talyllyn, co. Merioneth, gent.

(iii) Edward Anwill of Towyn, co. Merioneth, gent., and Evan Rowland of Mallwyd, co. Merioneth, gent.

Capital messuage called Plassey with lands (named) and other messuages called Tythin y Tuy hir, Y kay newydd, Esgair y pren teg, a water corn grist mill and a fulling mill, messuages called Esgair Cwm y Treflyddie, Tir Llon Goch, Y tuy yn y keynant, Myrddin y tuy gwyn, all in Llynymawddwy, co. Merioneth to (iii) upon trusts.

Consideration: previous marriage of (i) and Anne, second daughter of (ii) and her portion of £100.