Scope and Content

(i) Janky nap Ieuan ap Llewelyn ap Gruffith Lloit.

(ii) David ap Ieuan ap Gruffith and Gruffith Vychan ap Gruffith ap David ap Eignion.

All (i)'s lands in the lordship of Bromfield and Yales except the lands lately held by Thomas Rodon in Burton, the lands lately held by Llewelyn Vychan in Kymmo and Coydrwke and the lands lately held by Ry sap Llewelyn ap Edeneved.

Witnesses: Gruffith ap Janky nap Jollyn, David Lloit ap Gruffith, David ap Ieuan ap David ap Eignion, David ap Gruffith ap Deicus, Gruffith ap Jolly nap Ieuan ap Gruffith.

Dated at Bodeanwydoc.