Copy Agreement

Scope and Content

(i) Richard Mytton, esq., lord of the manor of Mowthwy, co. Merioneth.

(ii) The tenants of the said manor.

Agreement between (i) ad (ii) in an attempt to settle differences between them whereby (ii) agree to pay the accustomed mise to (i) and a sum of £100, to allow (i) quiet possession of the forests of Keven Rystlys, Ffrith Kilkom and Ffrith Cornoppas and the Park within the said manor and lands (named) in Penant and Llanervyda, to allow (i) all waifs and strays and forfeited goods, etc. and to pay rent of £40 p.a.

(i) agrees to levy a fine upon the whole manor and convey to (ii) the reversion of waste lands recently enclosed or to be enclosed in the said manor with a proviso of forfeiture if convicted of a felony.