Copy. Lease and Release: for £13,920: Rev. Barnard Foord of West Heslerton to Sir Christopher Sykes of Sledmere

Scope and Content

Mansion house in West Heslerton with closes called Stoned Horse Paddock, Great Close, Lakin Close in the Carr, and Cow Pasture alias Freer's Close; allotments in the West Field (51ac. 3r. 24p.; 97ac. 3r.9p.; 41ac. 3r. 24p.) the East Field (4ac.; 4ac.), and the Wold 184ac. 34p.); rents of £13.6.2d.; 2 closes; 4 closes called Houlds alias Houldheads, Danby Close, Windy Close, and part of Great Close and Hard Ing; closes called the Houlds alias Houldheads, East and West Bycott Close; 3 closes; newly built messuage and little close; 2 cottages and garths; 2 messuages and garth; allotments (42ac. 3r.; 10ac. 2r.5p) 54ac. 1r.; 14ac. 3r. 35p.; 14ac. 2r.30p.; 185ac. 20p); and will property of B.F. in East and West Heslerton and Yeddingham. (Site of Yeddingham nunnery anf farm with 90ac. in parish of Ebberstone; cottage, garth, 2 little closes and garth in West Heslerton reserved)

Access Information

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