Scope and Content

From F[rancis] Espinasse to JHN. Topics covered include: the recent deaths of mutual acquaintances Edwin Waugh, L.C. Gent and John Stores Smith; news of living acquaintances Tom Henderson, Mrs Moore, Jacob Bright and Stavros Jewsbury; Espinasse's volume on Voltaire [Life and Times of Francois-Marie Arouet, calling himself Voltaire (London, 1866)]; a suggestion, rejected by Espinasse, that he might publish some "long forgotten lines to Louisa" who is now married to another man; an anecdote about an evening spent by Lord Tennyson with members of the Shandeans [the Manchester social club of which both men were members; see JHN/4/8 for a brief history of the club] at which Tennyson's grammar in "Locksly Hall" was corrected by "little Smith" [John Stores Smith]; the reasons for the rejection of a request for a civil list pension for Waugh [the request was granted in 1883, see JHN/3/1/27]; Espinasse's forthcoming publication [Literary Recollections and Sketches (Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1893)]; a request for information from the Manchester City News on the building of the Manchester Ship Canal to assist Espinasse in writing an article for an American Encyclopedia describing Manchester [the Manchester City News, unlike the Manchester Guardian, had been an early supporter of the Ship Canal proposal]; the financial problems of the Manchester Ship Canal and the growing importance of local government; the success of the Linotype Company and it's benefit to Jacob Bright; a suggestion, accepted by JHN, that Espinasse write a "London literary letter" for the Manchester City News on "The Books of the Week".

Dated at: London and Oxford.