Scope and Content

From Edwin Waugh to JHN. Topics covered include: a series of articles entitled "Sea Weeds" that Waugh was writing for the Sphinx magazine; a proposed "memorial", the subject of which is not specified; the collapse of the "Copyright Fund Committee" of which JHN was secretary, although few details are given this seems to be connected to a dispute between Waugh and the Manchester publisher, John Heywood, over the publication of Waugh's complete works; Waugh's ill health for which he blames the Manchester air and drainage; a page from a letter to Waugh from [J.H.E.] Partington in praise of a lecture given by JHN [included with JHN/1/126/4; for Partington's views on Waugh see JHN/1/90]; the growth in the membership, if not the literary strength, of the Manchester Literary Club; a meeting attended by Waugh and JHN in support of Gladstone's position on the "Irish question".

Dated at: (principally) Kersal Moor [Manchester] and New Brighton [Cheshire].