Scope and Content

From J[ohn] Pitt Hardacre [proprietor of the Comedy Theatre, Manchester] to JHN. The first letter [JHN/49/1], written whilst Hardacre was the proprietor of the Comedy Theatre, Manchester, is a payment of an account. The second, much longer letter [JHN/49/2] is written from Staines [Surrey], after Pitt had left the Comedy Theatre in 1898; he promises to send JHN his "story" which had been published in a number of London periodicals; informs JHN that he intends to visit Russia in search of his performing elephants which he understands have been sold, without his knowledge, to a Russian circus; complains of his poverty after the "fiasco" of the "maintenance trial" and thanks JHN and his wife for their kindness to him and his "little women", something he rarely encounters as they are not married.

Dated at: Manchester and Staines [Surrey].