BUNDLE OF DOCUMENTS relating to the East Snowdon Mines

Scope and Content

Includes descriptions of the East Snowdon and Llanrwst mining areas; correspondence on and details of leases [takenotes] for Pandora and Pool Mines; correspondence with and information on possible customers and suppliers; correspondence & notes dated 1938/9 re a possible business agreement between Hermann Goering A.G of Germany and a British syndicate.

See further details of the agreement in the written file

Correspondence, notes and quotes re freight transport costs [mainly road and railway, but includes a memo from the St, George Steamship Co Ltd. offering details of a shallow draft Paddle Passenger Steanmer available to "buy for possible use to transport coal by river to Trefriw".

Notes & articles on water power & climate [1938]

Correspondence, press cuttings and sale particulars of Gwydir Castle.