Correspondence from Ellen Terry to Edith Craig

Scope and Content

The material in this series consists of correspondence between Ellen Terry and Edith Craig. The correspondence contains information on the productions and projects Ellen Terry and Edith Craig worked on, details of their daily activities, and news relating to family and friends. The correspondence in this series was originally sent all over the world, in the late 1880s Edith Craig studied in Germany and Ellen Terry wrote to her regularly duing this period, whilst Ellen Terry herself travelled extensively. There are letters from her to Edith Craig from the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to name just a few of the countries from which she wrote to her daughter.


This series has been arranged in chronological order by year where this information is known. Where the date was not known the letters have been studied and arranged by the decade in which they were most likely written. A previous custodian of this collection had previously arranged some of the letters alphabetically in a box file and this order has been retained. Additionally an unknown individual had written dates in pencil on some of the letters, where it is known that they are accurate (i.e. by checking calendars for the years in question) they have been placed in the relevant file. Where they were not accurate or there was no way of knowing if they were correct, they have been placed in the file for the decade of the date.