Scope and Content

  • MS 1531/1/1;Boxed 1932 to 1950
  • MS 1531/1/2;Boxed 1950 to 1961 [Including evacuation of Tristan]
  • MS 1531/1/3;Boxed 1961 onwards [Including life in Cape Town]
  • MS 1531/1/4;Boxed 1939 onwards [Newspaper cuttings etc]
  • MS 1531/1/5;Boxed BOOKS [Album of dust jackets of books about Tristan da Cunha]
  • MS 1531/2/1;Boxed 1937 to 1938 [Including Norwegian Scientific expedition to Tristan da Cunha, newspaper cuttings, photographs, charts etc]
  • MS 1531/2/2;Boxed 1942 to 1943 [Second visit, during World War II]
  • MS 1531/2/3;Boxed 1942 to 1943 [Green rexine cover photograph album Islanders activities]
  • MS 1531/2/4;Boxed 1943 etc Photocopies of Tristan Times etc
  • MS 1531/2/5;Boxed 1946 to 1948;Boxed [Third visit]
  • MS 1531/2/6;Boxed 1946 to 1948 [Black cardboard photograph album]
  • MS 1531/3/1-87;Boxed 1817 to 1993 [In four folders, 1817-1899, 1900-1949, 1950-1969, 1970 onwards, magazine articles, newsletters, accounts etc]
  • MS 1531/4/1;Boxed 1937 [Hydrographic, topographic archival charts and plans]
  • MS 1531/4/2;Boxed 1945-1969 Allan Crawford appointed honorary welfare officer in Cape Town by Lennox-Boyd [File contains various reprints and correspondence between Allan Crawford others]
  • MS 1531/4/3;Boxed 1938, 1943, 1948, 1979, 1980 (General) Assorted typewritten papers about Tristan da Cunha and assorted correspondence between Allan Crawford and others
  • MS 1531/4/4;Boxed 1961-62A Crawford appointed Deputy Leader of the Royal Society Expedition to Tristan Contains [Papers regarding expedition, including correspondence between Allan Crawford others]
  • MS 1531/4/5;Boxed 1961-1963 [Includes papers concerning the Islanders' return to Tristan]
  • MS 1531/5/1;Boxed 1937 Surveying field book 1
  • MS 1531/5/2;Boxed 1938 Surveying field book 2
  • MS 1531/5/3;Boxed 1937 Surveying day and notebook, 21 December 1937
  • MS 1531/5/4;Boxed 1937 Personal diary
  • MS 1531/5/5;Boxed 1938 Personal diary
  • MS 1531/5/6;Boxed 1942 Wartime notebook
  • MS 1531/5/7;Boxed 1942 Pencilled notebook on Island Council meetings which Allan Crawford attended as member of Council
  • MS 1531/5/8;Boxed 1955 Exercise book of notes
  • MS 1531/5/9;Boxed 1962 Hardback notebook of Royal Society expedition
  • MS 1531/5/10;Boxed 1984 Red notebook of visit with son and grand-daughter
  • MS 1531/6/1;Boxed 1984-1985 Mothers' Union document in memory of 1885 widows
  • MS 1531/6/2;Boxed 1987-1989 Research on the Ship's Figurehead
  • MS 1531/6/3;Boxed 1988-1995 Research on the origin of William Glass
  • MS 1531/6/4;Boxed 1994-1995 Matters connected with the British citizenship of the Islanders
  • MS 1531/9/1;Boxed 1984 Photograph Album A Crawford's 7th visit,
  • MS 1531/10/1;Boxed 1930-1973 SPG and USPG Newsletters
  • MS 1531/10/2;Boxed 1980-1985 Tristan Times
  • MS 1531/10/3;Boxed 1986-1995 Tristan Times
  • MS 1531/10/4;Boxed 1987-1992 Tristan da Cunha Newsletters
  • MS 1531/10/5;Boxed 1992-1995 Tristan da Cunha Newsletters
  • MS 1531/11/1;Boxed Births from Island Birth Register from 1880-1946
  • MS 1531/11/2;Boxed Marriages and deaths
  • MS 1531/11/3;Boxed 1942 Original working scroll supposedly containing all the island predecessors and their descendants, on which was based the Island Family tree
  • MS 1531/11/4;Boxed File, including family trees, lists of islanders, births registered in the Glass Family
  • MS 1531/11/5;Boxed Munch, Peter A Structural tensions in an atomistic community
  • MS 1531/11/6;Boxed Photographs of Glass gravestones in the United States of America [Including that of Mary M Glass, widow of original settler Corporal William Glass]
  • MS 1531/11/7;Boxed Record of graves in the cemeteries of Tristan da Cunha, 1995
  • MS 1531/12;Boxed Gough Island scrapbook 1938 [Including HMS Milford 1955 Gough Island Scientific Survey]
  • MS 1531/13;Boxed Gough and Marion Islands [Collection of extracts from books bearing references to these islands compiled in 1945]
  • MS 1531/14;Boxed Marion Island 1945 onwards
  • MS 1531/15;Boxed 1945-1950 Marion Island [Cuttings, photographs, charts and articles]
  • MS 1531/16;Boxed 1948 Photograph Album Tristan da Cunha to Marion Island
  • MS 1531/17;Boxed 1955 onwards Gough Island - reprints
  • MS 1531/18;Boxed 1955 and 1964 Bouvetøya scrapbook
  • MS 1531/19;Boxed Bouvetøya 1959-60 Diary/notebook
  • MS 1531/20;Boxed Bouvetøya Correspondence 1959 onwards, and photographs
  • MS 1531/21;Boxed Report of reconnaissance expedition to Bouvetøya, March-April 1964
  • MS 1531/22/1;Boxed Tristan da Cunha, visit of HMS Dublin 26-28 March 1923
  • MS 1531/22/2;Boxed Tristan da Cunha, RRS Discovery Report, Dr E H Marshall, 1 March 1926
  • MS 1531/22/3;Boxed Tristan da Cunha by Douglas M Gane, A Lonely Island and its Place in the Empire (1922?) [
  • MS 1531/22/4;Boxed Tristan da Cunha's Big Book by Giuseppe La Ferla and Paula Green, revised 21 October 1996, 110 leaves, principally genealogy
  • MS 1531/22/5;Boxed The People who left their Footprints on Tristan da Cunha by Walter Manfred Rippich, December 2000, 246 leaves, principally genealogy

Administrative / Biographical History

The papers were all collected by Allan Crawford and includes material relating to his visits


As deposited

Related Material

The Institute holds an archival collection for Allan Crawford who collected this material