Autograph letter signed to William Philip Perrin from Jamaica.

Scope and Content

Gives details of a long-standing legal claim on the Poyntz estate, brought by a Mr Blechynden. The copies of the documents with which they support their case are genuine. Advises making a payment to obtain the documents and settle the matter in order to avoid the case going to court. Points out that the size of the sums involved (one figure mentioned is £22,000) is a great inducement to Blechynden to pursue legal action. Recommends his friend Doctor James Nasmyth, who carries his letter, to Perrin. Nasmyth is also bringing a boy who calls Laing father home, and he asks if Perrin can point out a method of procuring a 'sober good education' for him. The boy is not intended for high life, so the education should not be expensive. Suggests in a postscript that his friend Mr Kinnion was an attorney of the Poyntz's in Ireland and may be able to furnish more information.

Additional Information