David Johnson's postgraduate actinomycetes work in lake waters

Scope and Content

Correspondence and data regarding David Johnson's project (Natural Environmental Research council funding) on looking at acquatic actinomycetes in lakes, including results of a high number of micromonospora strains. Includes first hand results. Lakes tested include Windermere North and South Basin, Wastwater, Ennerdale, Blelham, Ullswater, Derwentwater, Buttermere, Coniston, Loweswater, Thirlmere, Devoke, Grasmere and Rydal. Dates span 21 April-5 December 1969.

Graphs comparing numbers of micromonospora, streptomyces, and nocardia in the above lakes.Actinomycete numbers in surface muds

Graph on vertical distribution of Thermoactinomyes vulagris in Lake Murs: Blelham Tarn, and Windermere North Basin.

Graph on vertical distribution of actinomycetes in a mud core

Graph on maceration experiments in Windermere North basin, 15 September 1969, and South Basin on 2 December 1969

Actinomycetes from Windermere labatory giving source of isocates and appearance

Includes progress reports. Correspondence regarding core sampling at Tarn near Silloth, between David Johnson and Vera Collins. Correspondence also regarding which lakes to sample. Includes congratulations to David Johnson from Vera Collins on his marriage

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