Experimental notes

Scope and Content

Including production of extracellular products from blue green algae,

respirometry on samples,

comparison of counting methods,

comparison of agar,

comparison of media basal mineral salts,

basic medium for protease production,

respirometry of algal bloom,

method for media for lipase production,

medium for deoxyribonuclease production,

media for demonstration of cellulase and amylase,

detection of organisms utilising sugars and producing acid,

detection of organisms utilising hydrocarbons,

routine separation of mineral salts solution,

medium for degradation of humic acids,

determination of iodine concentration for optimum results,

preparation of standard curve for starch iodine colour complex (and repeat),

enrichment cultures,

carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen analysis,

effect of heat in filters,

azocasein preparation.

Water samples taken from Windermere North Basin with 250ml quantaties filtered, at surface 10m, 20m, 40m,

Water samples taken from Esthwaite 2 litres each at 1M, 3M, 7M, 11M.

Carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen readings at Esthwaite and Windermere water/