Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur thanks his parents for their letter of the 11th . A paper and parcel no. 7, has also 'came safely to hand' while he was away on his Lewis Gun training. Arthur is hungry and complains that there is very little bread to eat only, 'one quarter of a pound and a half loaf per day per man' which amounts approximately to 6oz's a day. Arthur remarks that this is 'nothing to swank about especially for anybody with our hearty appetites'. He presses his parents urgently for more supplies as 'things are pretty rotten in the front line at present'. Arthur is pleased to hear that his father's spirits are improving and he has taken his advice and 'still smiling'. Arthur makes a small reference to a news article back home about the conference in Rome, and the suggested 'offensive' on Italy; of which he and his parents do not agree with. Arthur believes it would be, a 'terrible wastage of man power and materials' Arthur expresses both his and his parents desire to 'resume pre-war conditions and re-enter civilization'. Arthur wants an end to all the red tape and longs for them to be his 'own masters', Arthur thinks it will be hard to 'realize it' when it happens. Norman has asked Arthur in a letter whether he has seen the new £1 note, which he has not, and jokes humorously 'they (the army) do not throw many of these things about'. Another friend 'Alf' has had a further exemption from active service, Arthur wishes him luck in this. The area where he is currently stationed is still being plagued by the 'Black Frost', but just recently a thaw has begun resulting in them being the 'SLOPPY MUD ESQ'. Arthur still retains his positivity finishing with, 'that I am in good health and the usual cheerful spirits' he asks for his love and best wishes to be passed on to his friends, particularly his Grandmother.

Dated at: France.