Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Letter to his parents expresses his frustration at being 'in the dark' as to the destination of their removal, and the irritation caused by waiting. His hair has been cropped again, very short, almost bald, he describes himself 'like a bladder of lard now'. The battalion have been re-inoculated. He talks of his recent leave home rushing to book a carriage and missing to wave them goodbye. He mentions the happy time he spent at home, the food. The departing train was given an excellent send off by cheering crowds, chiefly girls, and the station paid for large baskets of strawberries to be delivered outside the carriages, along with tea. Unfortunately on their return to camp, their huts had been taken over by a group of sergeants and they 'had to kip anywhere they could find'.

Dated at: Wivenhoe Park Camp, near Colchester, Essex.