Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur begins his letter by saying he is well and happy, and although his friend Harry is on a different team, they are both still in the Machine Gun section. The battalion is moved round frequently, every few days while they are re-organising. He asks his parents to ensure that they include his 'MG Section' on their envelopes to him. A Lt Dixon was wounded in the area Arthur is now stationed in 1914/15 and he has not yet met his friend Len; he does not expect to see him, he tells his parents. The weather has been fine with a little rain, and he has enjoyed a bath and change of clean underwear, he describes himself and the other men as being a little 'high' and a bit 'chatty' (a colloquialism for their state of uncleanliness). He asks his parents to send 'Keatings' powder and 'Harrison's Pomade'. In his letter he also mentions that he will be writing to other friends and family members; 'Murrays, Hislops'. He has written to his Grandmother and Aunt Jeannie on a previous week. He asks for them to send the Sunday Chronicle weekly for which he will be very pleased (he breaks his letter here while tea is served). More letters are handed out after tea, dated 13th August and two on the 16th. There has been a family argument between two Uncles, Sam and Dick. He seemed a little down in spirits in his last letter home and apologises for complaining on the lack of correspondence from home, as other pals have received larger volumes of post. But however his tone is humorous and up-beat. He has become used to the rough living and even makes quips about the censor using his, 'letter for shaving paper'. He will write to Len and included in the post to his parents, he sends separate letters to his brother Norman.

Dated at: France.