Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur begins his letter in high spirits wishing his father, 'many happy returns of the day'. He does not think, has 'great hopes' of this being his 'last War Birthday' and of them all being together next year to celebrate, 'for each occasion'. Arthur even predicts that he should be home for his brother Norman's birthday, which falls on the 1st February, he is optimistic. Arthur writes with an optimistic outlook, (at this time the 3rd battle of Ypres was taking place), Passchendaele for the Menin Road, he enthuses, this is 'one of the biggest victories of the war'. Arthur was hoping to purchase a card for his brother, and apologises for it being late. He thanks his mother for a photograph that she has sent, a portrait of himself with her. Arthur comments, 'she looks as pretty and charming as ever', he is very proud of the picture and feels comforted by it. He closes his letter by saying that they are as, 'optimistic as the devil' for an end to the fighting and hopes that everyone is well at home.

Dated at: France.