Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur begins his letter by apologising for the last few days, as he had explained in a postcard he had written to them earlier that morning, he is feeling, as usual, 'quite A1'. Although his address has not changed he expects to leave the convalescent hospital in a week to, ten day's time for his unit which is nearby. Arthur cannot grumble has he has been out wounded now, for two months, he has had a, 'tidy spell' of it he says. He does not know how long he will be at his depot, as he expects to go, 'up the line' only to be sent back to go home on leave. The weather has been 'glorious' and he assumes that 'Fritz' is suffering for it. He has heard from Harry, who has not yet been demobbed, so Arthur assumes he is 'soldier[ing] on'. Arthur has received a letter from 'Elsie Harrison' who has not heard from her Alf for five weeks. He imagines that both Elsie and (one assumes Alf's mother) Mrs Boswell, are very anxious. Arthur's mother has a photograph of Alf and Elsie for which Arthur must be content. Arthur makes mention of the Zeppelin attacks in England, he feels the Government needs to take responsible action, but he believes they will do nothing until, 'one of their homes has been done in'. Arthur has read in the Guardian about a proposed art gallery for the Piccadilly site, he welcomes this and criticises the local government for taking so long over their decision. Arthur signs off saying 'au revoir' for the present.

Dated at: France.