Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur begins his letter to his parents thanking them for their letters of the 27 and 29th respectively, along with a parcel he was very grateful to receive. He has now had his first 'spell' in the trenches and is now 'resting' from the fighting. He has coped much better than he thought, although the weather was 'vile' and the rats are a constant nuisance, aggravated by the mosquitoes who, get underneath their uniforms and 'bitten them all over'. As a result of the bad weather many of the men have come down with bronchitis, but through all these trials he is still, 'quite well and in the very best of spirits'. His parents have been sending him local papers which he has enjoyed reading and a cutting about a 'Le' which he is to return. Arthur cannot, however, understand why his Grandmother has not received her letter from him. He will write again to the Hislops and the Murray's. He concludes his letter by conveying his usual love and pleasure at hearing about his brother's forthcoming job interview.

Dated at: France.