Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur has just received his parents letter of the 18th of August, he notes that it has taken only 48 hours to reach him. He is indeed very grateful to receive news of them and to know they are in good health. Arthur mentions that his parents, by now, should have received his 'green envelope of two or three days ago'; any other letters written and addressed to him before this date have not arrived; he assumes they will have been lost. He acknowledges his parents delight that he is enjoying being clean and having 'new togs' to wear; not to mention he writes to, 'the delight of a bed at night'. Arthur expects his leave once he re-joins his unit. Arthur asks for a friend's address, whom he suspects, is stationed quite near him. He also requests cigarettes as he, 'smoke[s] a lot more than I use to'. He is glad that his parents feel a 'sense of relief' as to his injury not being as bad as it could have been. Arthur comments, that it was indeed the first thing he thought of when he was hit. A mutual acquaintance, a 'Mr Gayter' had only been stationed out at the front line 'five minutes' before he'd been injured and sent home, 'as for the others' he writes, they have not been so lucky.

Dated at: France.