Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur's letter to his parents begins in great earnest requesting essential food stuffs; 'It is not fancy stuff that I that I [here Arthur, perhaps in his anxiousness, and taking into account the environment in which the letter is written, repeats himself] I want, but dire necessities.' Arthur's requests are basic, but immediate: bread, cocoa, butter, saccharine. Essential carbohydrates for a soldier on the 'hoof'. Arthur describes his appetite as 'now keener than ever' and the food parcels from home make his living conditions just about bearable. The letter is wholly taken up with his concern about his diet, and the lack of healthy, sustainable and energy-giving things to eat. He finishes his letter with a 'p.s' request, 'If you could get a small TIN [underlined] of jam it would be most useful.'

Dated at: France.