Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

In this brief letter home Arthur is in fine and jubilant spirits, they have been brought well behind the front lines, and he feels 'absolutely in the pink'. The Unit however is being kept busy, 'training from morn till night', the weather is 'glorious' and hot, and the surrounding countryside is welcome relief from the 'constant noise of the guns' where Arthur is 'able to forget the war for a while'. He is appreciating the rest from the constant fighting. Arthur briefly mentions the unfortunate sinking of the troop ship carrying wounded from the Easter Monday battle at Arras. He feels that this is, 'jolly hard lines' after giving service to their country, an unlucky twist of fate for them he says. Arthur closes his letter, hoping that his parents are in as buoyant spirits that he is currently feeling, and 'if so you are alright'.

Dated at: France.