Fragment of Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur has come to the end of his second day's march. He is in good health, but his feet are, 'throbbing like a gas engine.' His battalion are marching to the Belgium Front he expects some men may fall out on the way, Arthur asks his parents to address his mail to the British Expeditionary Force' (known as the 'BEF'). Arthur is expecting the Russians to make a separate peace with Germany, which Arthur feels would leave the British forces vulnerable. He is hoping that 'wiser council may prevail in Petrograd'. Arthur was delighted to see on his march towards Belgium 'real English Nurses' standing in the grounds of a hospital; 'my word they did look fine'. He also noticed a 'chap' from the British Engineers Company in Manchester, but he was not able to stop and talk to him.

Dated at: France.