Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur again begins his letter to his parents by thanking them for a letter dated '6th' along with the Sunday Chronicle. All his parents' parcels and letters have been safely received by him. He has received letters from the Murrays and the Hislops, including cigarettes. Arthur has written to a friend, James whom he has instructed to ask for a 'Stand Easy'. He is still waiting for a letter from his Grandmother. Another friend, who is in the Shropshire Light Infantry, a 'Tom Aldred from Knowles, Princess Road' has written to him saying that he was sailing for France that evening; it transpires, the same regiment that a friend of his Grandmother's was in. Arthur appears optimistic about the duration of the war, he believes that the war is 'going on very nicely' and wonders what the, 'folks at home think about the war'. He has had another spell in the trenches, the weather was 'most favourable' compared to his first stint and Arthur feels as though he has, 'come through very well for I am absolutely OK and in the best of spirits'. He closes his letter saying he must finish writing as he is going on 'fatigues', no doubt to repair trenches, which unfortunately will last all day.

Dated at: France.