Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur writes again a brief letter to let his parents know he is; 'in the usual cheerful spirits'. He is doing 'quite OK' and to this, we can assume he refers to his injury, as he is thankful he has not sustained any 'disfigurement' nor suffered 'the loss of a limb'. Arthur has not been fortunate enough to be given leave, 'it was simply a matter of luck pure and simple', he is though 'thankful for small mercies'. Arthur is however, hopefully he writes, for leave before October 26th; he thinks it an 'absolute cert'. The bad weather has finally lifted; Arthur expects there are plans afoot for another big battle, although by the time he re-joins his unit he says they will be 'somewhere far south'. Arthur signs his letter with 'Your Loving Son' and asks to be remembered as always to his Grandmother.

Dated at: France.