Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur begins his letter by confidently affirming that he, 'is still alive and very much kicking'. His unit has been on the March for the last few days to the front line, with the 'Saxons' (Germans) in front of them. It may be of interest to highlight that the 'Saxons' were the German regiment which took part in the famous truce of 1914; during the period of 1917 Saxony was a kingdom that still existed within the empire of Germany. Arthur gives details of his new address which he had forgotten to give in his last letter. Arthur is expecting to step 'out of line' as he is going on a Lewis Gun training course some 3 kilometres from his last place of rest. Arthur expects to be away for a week to 10 days, the course Arthur is going to is taking place in the same village where a 'chum Arthur Wood' is 'sick' in hospital. Arthur will be writing to his parents form there if it is possible, but he is expecting them to be heavily censored before they are posted. He asks for a better indelible pencil as the last one his parents sent broke and was of 'inferior quality' he tells his parents. Arthur's letter ends with no more news to tell 'for the present'.

Dated at: unknown.