Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur has received a letter from his parents dated the 7th of October, he is grateful for cuttings from the 'Parish Mag'. These cuttings detail soldiers whom they both know and; it would appear as Arthur does not directly say, but calls them 'unfortunate fellows', have been killed in action. They are as listed; Arthur Shaw, Harry Dutton (old school chums) then there is Albert Kelsall a neighbour. Arthur does not name any others, but mentions several others whom he cannot directly recall at the time of writing, 'having met so many chaps during my three years in the service'. Arthur asks for his parents to send the listings of the soldiers from the parish magazine every month. Arthur has met a soldier while on convalescence who lives near his home, a 'Burgess'; it would appear they all have in common two mutual friends, the 'Garrett's and the 'Kelly's'. He muses how 'funny' it is to keep bumping into commonly mutual acquaintances. There is a 'Captain Robson' form the 15th R.S. whom someone knew quite well by sight. During his time at Base Camp on convalescence, Arthur tells his parents the irony of meeting a boy from Princess Road who is also in his company. They came to the front at the same time, were placed in the same platoon, were both promoted and wounded on the same time, they met again while recovering. Because of his injuries, Arthur's colleague, an' Arthur Kempshall' has been listed as a 'permanent base man'. Arthur wonders, if perhaps his parents may know his family at all who live in Old Trafford on Clifton Street. Arthur expects to be moved down to his base tomorrow, during his convalescent period he has been employed as a 'Company Clerk'. The weather has been very bad he tells his parents, which has made him grateful for his 'present billet'. He closes his letter with his usual love.

Dated at: France.