Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur has received his parent's letter of the 4th of September; he cannot understand why his parents have not received letters from him, for he has written to them two or three times. He is hoping that they have received his letter dated the 1st of September, which he hopes will put their hearts at ease. He has very little news to give them because of his current situation; he is still at the same address and making good progress. His friend George, whom Arthur's parents have informed him, has been placed well behind enemy lines, but is stationed further north to Arthur's current position. Arthur mentions that 'Fritz' has been over a couple of times and put a few 'Yanks' in hospital he was once billeted in. He asks his parents if they have read about the 'W.A.A.C'[S]' the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps, of which many are engaged in clerical work. It reminds Arthur of home, and he wistfully remarks; 'they look quite smart and it is quite a treat to see an English girl', many of whom are already attached to the soldiers out on the front. Arthur has received a pair of socks from Auntie Jeannie and a pack of 'special cigs' from Uncle Luke, which are 'Trey Bon'. Arthur has nothing else at present to communicate and closes with his love and best wishes.

Dated at: France.