Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur writes again from France, he arrived the previous evening and is currently stationed in a rest camp in one of the northern ports before embarking on his journey to Greece. He expects to be travelling for three weeks or so and tells his parents not worry if they do not hear from him. Arthur hopes to write one or two lines, but at earliest convenience will inform them of his new address. He has written to his friend Hilda, and asked her to call round to see his parents. Arthur apologises for his quick departure, but his orders to return came through suddenly, however he is looking forward, 'to seeing fresh lands and[to] educating myself'. While waiting for his connection in London Arthur has been to visit the London offices of the Manchester based firm of the British Engineers. The company expect all their remaining service personnel to be home soon, Arthur has especially asked for his younger brother Norman to let his boss, Mr Moss know where he has gone. His friend Harold Powell also appears to be making a similar journey to Greece and Arthur asks for his parents to let Harold know so that they can look out for each other. Arthur closes with his love and best wishes hoping that they are all in the 'best of health and spirits', he adds a short 'p.s' to say he wishes to catch the post as he is writing without the use of candles, 'it is as dark as pitch'.

A4 lined Letter headed 'Y.M.C.A paper

Dated at: France.