Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur is waiting for a letter to come from his parents. He hopes the letter will come in reply to the one he wrote a week ago. Arthur writes that he is recovering well and is still; at present at the same address, the weather is good and he is content. Arthur writes with pleasure, that he has met his Captain. They are both stationed at the same convalescent hospital recovering from wounds; Arthur comments, 'He too was wounded (in fact I wonder who wasn't). Arthur's Captain has informed him that he has had two leaves at home. If Arthur had not been wounded his Captain says it would have been most likely he would have gone home on leave too. Apparently, 'He informed me that leave was going strong in the battalion,' When Arthur returns to his unit, he expects to go leave quite soon. He closes his letter in good spirits and sends love to them all.

Dated at: France.