Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur once again is in cheery spirits, and thanks his parents for their letter of the 11th June. He is back with his unit after a fifteen day absence, but as the reaming pages of his last letter home were missing we are unable to ascertain where Arthur was during this time. However we can assume that whatever it was he has enjoyed himself as he feels; 'very much better for the rest'. The unit is not expected to go back to the front line for the foreseeable future and optimistically writes, for them the future is, 'distinctly bright'. While he was away he has written to friends and family living on 'Dixon' and 'Fennel' street and looks forward to their replies; 'I think that Aunt Lizzie will be very pleased with my letter, as I considered it well'. Arthur asks if he has seen anything of the 'Warburtons' since he last wrote to them. Arthur is eagerly awaiting a food parcel from home and congratulates his parents on the last one they sent, which was 'A1', although if they have any lemon curd he would be very grateful for it. He does instruct them though that it is not necessary to send 'jams and marmalade' as it is 'one thing we get plenty of'. Arthur writes that the weather is very warm and asks for 'health salts', one would assume for tummy upsets? Interestingly, he also asks for his parents to 'keep the contents of the parcel moist' is this perhaps for sending hams or other perishable food items? Arthur closes his letter with 'best love and kindest regards' hoping that they are 'all well at home'

Dated at: Belgium.