Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur writes home to his parents informing them of his 'slight shrapnel wound' in his left shoulder blade. He recognises that obviously, they will be much relieved to learn that the injury is of not greater significance; 'it is as I said, only a slight wound, so that you need not think about operations etc'. He is unable to give an address at present, because he is expecting to be moved for a convalescent period, Arthur is looking forward to the extended rest. After spending a couple of weeks at a convalescent hospital Arthur will spend some time at his base camp before being returned to his unit on the fighting front. He does however, expect to be given leave before being returned to the fighting line; of this he is quite hopeful and this makes him feel content. Arthur mentions that his injury was sustained in a big push forward on the 31st of July, he appears thankful of his injury as he describes the battle as; 'an absolute magnified hell'. Arthur feels they could have been more successful in pushing the Germans back he fighting if it had not been for the appalling weather. Arthur hopes that they are all well at home, and in his usual cheery outlook, says he is feeling 'A1', although he does confess he felt; 'a bit rotten at first'. But in his typical optimist style; after a few hot baths, a change of clothes and a good night's sleep, he is feeling back on form again. He asks for his Auntie Jeannie to knit him some socks, he has in fact lost everything, all of his kit. Arthur concludes his letter with his fondest love and asks to be remembered to his friends, he will write to them as soon as he is able to give an address. Arthur will send a postcard to his parents in another couple of days and looks forward to another night's sleep in a bed with blankets.

Dated at: France.