Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Letter to his parents. He talks of his excitement on passing his written exam on 'Bombing and Trench Warfare by 120 marks out of a possible 130'. He can now have a grenade fuse on his right arm. They have moved camp to Essex, near a little village near Wivernhoe, he describes it as 'a little something like Dunham park'. He does not think they will be allowed to visit the town of Colchester. They expect to be moved again soon, the weather is very hot and the water is of poor supply; only a 1 inch pipe for the whole Brigade. He talks of 'leave', but weekend leave entails a 300-mile round trip and only 22 hours spent at home. There is a bad outbreak of measles and smallpox in Lancashire and soldiers are prohibited from travelling to Manchester.

Dated at: Assaye Barracks, Colchester, Essex.