Scope and Content

A black and white picture postcard of wounded soldiers, taken at the 2nd Eastern General Hospital, Dyke Road, Brighton. In the bottom left-hand corner there is a number in brackets '(199)', and the initialws 'G.A.W'. It is a photograph which has been taken outdoors of soldiers reclining on the ground with walking sticks at their feet; behind them is a row of seated soldiers who mainly have their arms in slings, and one or two wear eye patches. In the centre of the photograph sits a young man not much older than 14 years of age. He has his crutches resting over his left shoulder and sits with his regimental cap in his lap. Behind the seated figures there are standing troops, two of which, to the left of the image, are on crutches. One soldier is holding a pipe while another at the top-right of the image (who again looks of a young age) wears his full regimental uniform and rests his hands on the soldier in front of him.

1 black and white picture postcard.