Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur thanks his parents for their letter of the 10th May. He begins with condolences for the news of a relative, 'Len' who has gone missing, it is not yet known whether he has been killed, taken prisoner or listed as 'missing in action'. Arthur tries to comfort his parents by explaining that they should wait at least 3 months, by which time they should have heard from the War Office. The adage being, 'no news is good news', if they do not hear after that time, 'they cannot hold out much hope'. Of course Arthur recognises that knowing this, it will be hard to hold the information from Len's parents. Arthur intends to write to his Uncle Sam expressing his regret and sadness on hearing of Len's disappearance, but he will wait to hear from his Parents before writing to his relatives though. He finishes his correspondence by telling his parents not to have any; 'fear about me being "in line" again', for his unit is to be out of line for 'three or four weeks more' as the unit begins a week's long march further north to Belgium. NB - Unfortunately the remaining pages are missing and the letter finishes here.

Dated at: France.