Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur begins this letter to his parents by thanking them for their letter of the 15th, explaining that they should have received, by now, 2 or 3 more letters from him. Arthur hears that his pals, Len and George have been home on leave for which he is very pleased, he asks his parents to convey his thanks to them and girl called Florrie, for their kind wishes to him. There is a note of despondency in his next paragraph as he lists people to whom he has sent Christmas cards, but has not had a reply. Arthur asks his parents to, 'give them a nudge'. He is pleased to hear that his brother Norman is doing well at work, Arthur is relieved that the current war, 'will never interfere with his future'. Arthur's friend Harry has been fortunate enough to be too unfit to return to active services, of this he is not bitter or resentful. He tells his parents that Harry is 'Lucky!', but asserts his admiration for his friend by commenting, He (Harry) was not out here long, but my God, he saw and went through enough'. An item detailed 'SC' has arrived about a week after it was posted, and they are now experiencing some cold weather followed by two or three heavy snowfalls in the last week. Arthur reprimands his parents for not giving any feedback on his long and detailed, previous letters. His parents concern for him however are lovingly shown by a suggestion that Arthur's father should take his place, Arthur categorically refuses to hear of this suggestion, 'It has fallen to the lot of our generation to see this war through and we must do it'. Arthur's relief that those he loves so dearly are safe at home is shown by his concern for their welfare, 'It is the only satisfaction I have to know that those at home have got their home to live in, a bed every night, a fire and decent food'. A friend 'Len Mills' has been fortunate enough to be given hospital work, which 'is far better to trenches'. Arthur says he will have a good bed every night with blankets and 'no shells' to disturb his rest. Arthur will be writing to him in due course. Arthur closes by sending his love to them all.

Dated at: France.