Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

This letter has been numbered 'No. 3' by Arthur. Arthur has settled to his new job and routine; and apologises to his parents for not having much opportunity to write as often as he wishes as he is kept busy in his new post. He tells them not to be anxious for him and eagerly waits for a letter from them. Arthur writes that he is being sent away on a 'special job' that day, he does not expect to be able to write for at least two weeks as he will be away from the British Forces. Any letters that his parents send to him, will be kept on his return he informs them. Arthur has written to friends in Old Trafford, and he comments he was surprised by the General Election results (Asquith who was Prime Minister at the outbreak of WW1), has now been 'knocked out'. Arthur also mentions he had read with interest that President Woodrow Wilson has been to visit Manchester. He has written to his friend Harold, but not as yet, had a reply. Arthur asks for his brother, Norman, to go to the offices of the British Engineer's Company in Manchester to give them his address for the purpose of when he is demobilised.

Dated at: Salonika, Greece.