Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur writes home exuberantly to say that he will begin his journey home on the 21st of April. He will have to pass through various 'demobilisation camps' before arriving in 'dear old "Blighty" and Home Sweet Home'. He is expecting to arrive home, on or around the 15th May. He will first have to travel up to Heaton Park where he will be formally demobilised, and then make his way home. He tells his parents that he is in the first 'batch' of Royal Army Service Corps (R.A.S.C) men to leave Salonika, he feels a little guilty knowing that some men have been there since 1915. Arthur has no idea at present when some of them will finally leave. Arthur is sadden to learn from a previous letter that his Uncle Tom has died, (Arthur's father's brother) he wishes to pass on his sympathy and love to his Auntie Lizzie and family, he hopes that his father is not grieving too much although he knows his father will have felt the loss 'very keen[ly]' Arthur hopes, however, to find everyone 'A1' when he returns home. He is in true and recognised indomitable form, 'absolutely in the pink'. Arthur is indeed anxious and excited to be finally going home; 'till then with my best love for your dear selves and Norman, I will say Au Revoir, Your Ever Loving Son, Arthur.'

Dated at: Salonika, Greece.