Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur thanks his parents for their letter of the 22nd, he answers their conversation concerning an ex minister, a 'Mr Henderson' and the 'Labour Question'. Arthur is aware he is not currently up to date with the political situation in 'Blighty', he feels his opinion will be unbiased, but thanks his parents for their enlightenment on the situation. Arthur finds political discussion on the war 'bores him stiff', as well as the machinations of Government and their various 'departments and subcommittees'. Arthur holds the opinion that; 'there is too much Talk and not enough action'. He feels that it would not be wise to write his true feelings, in a letter about the situation. Arthur notes that the Government is discussing the possibility of increasing the wages for both 'Tommy' and 'Jack' (a 'Jack Tar' or Royal Navy sailor) they may possibly have 'match money' pay, however another 'copper or so' would be welcomed. Arthur is still 'quite cheerful and indeed happy', his wound is 'practically better'. He hopes that everyone is well at home and thanks his parents for the cigarettes they have sent; he asks for no more to be sent, 'until further orders'. Arthur mentions that there is no need to send papers either, as he can buy them from where is currently convalescing. As well as the Manchester Guardian (which is 2 to 3 days old) Arthur can buy all other up to date British edition newspapers. Arthur has received quite a few letters from other friends and family, including, he mentions, a Harry Wylde' who is stationed with the 1st Labour Battalion in Oswestry, Shropshire, waiting to be given his 'Check' . A Mrs James and his Auntie Jeannie have written to him. He concludes with his 'very best love' and draws his parents attention to his new 'address, rank, name and Reg. C company No 6. CD.'

Dated at: France.