Letter from Arthur Powell

Scope and Content

Arthur has received letters from his parents dated the 15th and 17th of October. He was very relieved to receive them, but does not think the photograph of his father (which was included in the letters) a very good likeness, 'he is looking too serious'. Arthur writes, somewhat uncharacteristically, 'that if he looks or attempts to look like that when I'm at home there are going to be squalls'. As he writes his letter, Arthur is travelling up to the Front Line with his Battalion that morning. He says it will take four or five days to get there, as the Battalion will stop at a reinforcement camp. Arthur has received a letter from a friend named 'Geo Robson', Mr Robson now appreciates his good fortune at becoming stationed as Company Clerk; Arthur will write to him to congratulate him. Arthur's informs his parents of his new address; 13 Platoon, D Coy. He asks for them to remember him to all of his friends, and to note his new address. There is a 'PTO' on the back of the letter, Arthur apologises for not being able to post the letter, he arrived back with his battalion the previous day, but expects to be back home the following Monday in time for supper. Arthur will send a telegram on arrival in London. He asks if they can post enclosed envelope of postcard

A4 sheet of Church Army letter headed paper

Dated at: France.