Shipping Book: Troops, Recruits and Marine Boys

Scope and Content

Original shipping book of the East India Company Marine Department, comprising a register of ships carrying troops to India, 1834-1871 (a period covering the Indian Mutiny). The volume has three sections: 

  • (a) H.M. Troops, May 1834 to March 1871, including annotated copies of printed programmes of troop movements 1867-1871;
  • (b) East India Company's recruits (mostly artillery and infantry), January 1833 to July 1861 (the Windsor Castle, which embarked in July 1861, carried 'the last recruits ever sent out to India');
  • (c) Bombay Marine Boys, August 1841 to May 1861.
 Each folio comprises a standard form providing summary information about voyages, including the ship's name, rate per head, presidency, embarkation date, number of passengers and other information.

See also English MS 163 above, Shipping book for troops and stores and for coal, 1834-1857.

Custodial History

Pressmark: 22404.