Printers Block for Adventurers in Siam

Scope and Content

Printers block for the plates published in Hutchinson's "Adventurers in Siam in the Seventeenth Century". These are:

  • Plate I: Outline Map of Siam
  • Plate II: Ancient Ayudhya, as Reconstructed by a Modern Artist
  • Plate III: Outline Map of the overland route between Mergui and the Gulf of Siam
  • Plate IV: Outline Map, showing position of Siam in relation to her neighbours in the Seventeenth century
  • Plate V: French plan of Ayudhya (Seventeenth century)
  • Plate VI: Modern River Scene at Ayudhya above Site of Dutch settlement
  • Plate VII: Dutch Map (Seventeenth century) of the Menam near Ayudhya
  • Plate VIII: Phaulkon
  • Plate IX: Siamese envoys to Louis XIV
  • Plate X: Monseigneur Pallu
  • Plate XI: Dutch sketch plan of Ayudhya
  • Plate XII: Medallion commemorating a Siamese Embassy to France
  • Plate XIII: M. de Chaumont presents a letter from King Louis to King Narai
  • Platte XIV: Seventeenth century engraving (French) of Siamese State Vehicle for Royal Gifts, Letters, etc.
  • Plate XV: Ambassadeurs de Siam, Louis XIV receives Kōsā Pan's Embassy
  • Plate XVI: (1) Mergui from Pataw (2) Pataw-Patit from Mergui.
  • Plate XVII: Ruins of Royal Palace at Lop'burī
  • Plate XVIII: Phaulkon's seal on his letter to M. Fermanelle (2 blocks)
  • Plate XIX: Tale Chupsôn - Ruins of the Palace
  • Plate XX: Seventeenth century map of the Menam from Ayudhya to the sea
  • Plate XXI: Carved wooden ornament, reputed to have come from Phaulkon's house at Lop'burī
  • Plate XXII: Ruins of Phaulkon's house at Lop'burī
  • Plate XXIII: Southern bend of river at Ayudhya
  • Plate XXIV: Phaulkon's letter to the Siamese students in Paris
  • Plate XXV: Signature of Phaulkon's letter to Père de la Chaise
  • Plate XXVI: Phaulkon's letter to the Pope
  • Plate XXVII: A Modern Plan of Ayudhya

Some of these blocks show signs of deterioration of the metal. Care is needed in handling them.

Geographical Names