Gramadeg y beirdd, etc.,

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      GB 210 NLW MS 13096B.
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      (alternative) vtls004985987
  • Dates of Creation
      [1767x1826] /
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      Welsh, English.
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      262 pp. (pp. 205 and 212 numbered twice; two pages not numbered).
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      ARCH/MSS (GB0210)

Scope and Content

A composite volume containing miscellaneous transcripts, extracts, notes, etc., in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'). Pp. 1-60 contain a copy of the medieval Welsh metrical treatise or bardic grammar which is usually attributed to Einion Offeiriad and/or Dafydd Ddu o Hiraddug. In the present version which, according to a note on p. 61, was transcribed [by Edward Williams] from manuscript texts then in the possession of Mr. [Thomas] Richards of Llangrallo [co. Glamorgan] and the Reverend Thomas Evans of Brechfa [co. Carmarthen], the work is, however, attributed to Edern Dafod Aur. For the probable source of the present text, subsequent transcripts made of it, its attribution (probably by Edward Williams) to Edern Dafod Aur, and its connection with the version published in John Williams ('Ab Ithel'): Dosparth Edeyrn Davod Aur . . . (Llandovery, 1856), see the introduction to G. J. Williams ac E. J. Jones (gol.) : Gramadegau' r Penceirddiaid (Caerdydd, 1934), p. xv, and J. Morris-Jones: 'Dosbarth Edern Dafod Aur', The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, 1923 4, pp. 1-28. The other items in the volume include pp. 61-70, variant readings of the text of the above-mentioned treatise to be found in the two manuscript sources noted; 85-6, notes on Welsh poetic metres and on an 'eisteddfod' reputedly held at Marchwiail, co. Denbigh, circa 1350 or later in the fourteenth century; 87-8, a list of the contents of pp. 89-247 (previously paginated 1-161); 89-110, a version of the statute or code of rules for regulating the training and conduct of Welsh bards and musicians usually associated with the name of Gruffudd ap Cynan and here associated with the names of the said Gruffudd and Bleddyn ap Cynfyn ('. . . o Lyfr . . . Mr. Wiliam Wiliams o Landegai yn Arfon'); 110-13, notes on an 'eisteddfod' held by invitation of Rhys ap Gruffudd, lord of Dinefwr, at Cardigan (from the same source as the preceding item); 113-17, another shorter version of the above-mentioned statute with notes of subsequent confirmations by Rhys ap Tewdwr and his grandson Rhys ap Gruffudd ('O Lyfr Hywel Rhys o'r Faenor'); 118, a sketch plan showing the ? respective positions of the different grades of bards and musicians at an 'eisteddfod' and sketches of some musical instruments ('O Lyfr Hafod Ychtryd ysgrifen John Jones o'r Gelli Lyfdy'); 119-23, a further version of the abovementioned statute as reputedly confirmed at an 'eisteddfod' held at Caerwys [co. Flint], 1568 ('O Lyfr Mr. Cobb o Gaer Dydd'); 124-44, a treatise on Welsh poetic metres with the superscription 'Llyma Gyfarwyddyd Ar Fesurau Cerdd Dafawd a dynnwyd allan o Lyfrau Simwnt Fychan Bencerdd ag eraill . . .' and with a concluding note '. . . A myfi Wiliam Philip o'r Hendre Fechan yn Ardudwy a'i tynnais allan o waith yr awduron gorchestol a fuant o'm blaen . . .', transcribed from 'un o Lyfrau Mr. Cobb o Gaer Dydd yn . . . 1782'; 145-53, a further version of the statute of Gruffudd ap Cynan as confirmed at an 'eisteddfod' held at Caerwys in 1524 (recte 1523), with a list of bards and musicians licensed at the said 'eisteddfod', transcribed 'o No. 65, P.P., Yswain, Plas Newydd ym Môn' (i.e ., from Panton MS 65, now NLW MS 2031, of which see pp. 200-12] (see also NLW MS 13099B); 153-60, a list of the twenty-four Welsh strict poetic metres with illustrative examples [? transcribed from the aforementioned Panton MS 65, pp. 186-93] (see also NLW MS 13099B); 160- 64, notes on, and lists of, Welsh musical measures, etc., transcribed 'o Lyfr No. 65 Plas Newydd ym Môn' [i.e. Panton MS 65, of which see pp. 194- 200] (see also NLW MS 13099B); 164-70, anecdotes relating to Dafydd ap Edmwnt and the 'eisteddfod' held at Carmarthen [circa 1450] in the presence of Gruffudd ap Nicolas (according to the superscription 'Ex Vol. XVII, P.P. Plas Newydd, Môn' [i.e. Panton MS.17 now NLW MS 1986A], but, according to a note on p. 170, copied from an old manuscript at Plas Newydd and compared with versions in another manuscript there and a manuscript in the Hengwrt Library in the hand of J[ohn] Jones of Gelli Lyfdy [this last possibly now Peniarth MS 267 in the National Library]); 171-94, an account of the revision of the regulations relating to the Welsh bards and musicians, the rules of 'cynghanedd', and the twenty-four strict metres undertaken in connection with, or at, the aforementioned 'eisteddfod' held by Gruffudd ap Nicolas at Carmarthen, anecdotes relating to Dafydd ap Edmwnd and the said 'eisteddfod', etc., taken 'O Lyfr Iago ab Dewi yn awr gan Mr. Thomas Evans o Frechfa' (for the text of pp. 171-94 see Y Greal . . ., 1805-1806, tt. 49-61, 97-103, 151-4, and for an evaluation of the contents G. J. Williams: 'Eisteddfod Caerfyrddin', Y Llenor, cyf. V, tt. 94-5; see also IMCY, tt. 86-95); 195-9, further anecdotes relating to Dafydd ap Edmwnd and the aforesaid 'eisteddfod' at Carmarthen and an 'eisteddfod' at Nant Gonwy, notes relating to the date of the 'eisteddfod' at Carmarthen, a list of four 'eisteddfodau' held at Carmarthen, Abermarlas, and Castell Gweblai, 1452-1486, etc.; 201-35, a version of the treatise on Welsh bardic craft published by William Midleton in 1593 [Bardhoniaeth neu brydydhiaeth y llyfr kyntaf . . . ( Llundain, 1593)] with additions and variations, which are probably to be attributed to Edward Williams himself, inserted in, or appended to, the text of the original treatise (see the introduction to G. J. Williams (gol .): Barddoniaeth neu Brydyddiaeth gan Wiliam Midleton . . . (Caerdydd, 1930), more particularly tt. 42-4); 235-40, further notes on Welsh poetic metres; and 241-6, further notes relating to two 'eisteddfodau' held at Carmarthen, ?1451 and ?1461.


Title based on contents.

Formerly known as Llanover C. 9.

Preferred citation: NLW MS 13096B.

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The description is also available in the Handlist of Manuscripts in the National Library of Wales, Volume IV (Aberystwyth, 1971).

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