Welsh bardism, etc.,

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  • Reference
      GB 210 NLW MS 13097B.
  • Alternative Id.
      (alternative) vtls004986005
  • Dates of Creation
      [1767x1826] /
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  • Language of Material
      Welsh, English, Latin.
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      357 pp. (one hundred and twenty-two pages blank; two not numbered).
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      ARCH/MSS (GB0210)

Scope and Content

A composite volume containing miscellaneous material in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg') including pp. 9-34, a short treatise on the Welsh bardic order, its organisation, ceremonies, etc., with the superscription 'Llyma Lafar Gorsedd Beirdd Ynys Prydain . . sef ydyw hynny son Defodawl am Freiniau a Defodau Beirdd Ynys Prydain fal y bu gynt yn Amser y Prifeirdd a Thywysogion y Cymry . . .', being allegedly a transcript of material extracted by the Glamorgan scribe Llywelyn Siôn of Llangewydd from a manuscript in Raglan Castle (for the Welsh text see Iolo Manuscripts . . ., pp. 49-62, and for an English translation ibid., pp. 430-48); 39-42, notes with the superscription 'Llyma Lyfr y Barddas sef Derwyddoniaeth Beirdd Ynys Prydain . . . ac ynghyntaf y mae Traethawd hawl ag atteb Bardd ac awenydd o waith Siôn y Cent. . .', being apparently a transcript of the first section of an essay or treatise on aspects of Welsh bardism allegedly compiled by the aforementioned Llywelyn Siôn from sources at Raglan ('llyfrau . . . yng gellawl rhaglan') (for text and trans., see John Williams: Barddas . . ., vol. I, pp. 224-35); 49- 76, 89-91, 154, 166-70, 177-80, 200-09, 212-14, notes on the special alphabets, 'The Bards' Alphabet' and 'The Monks' Alphabet', which [according to Edward Williams] had been in use amongst the Welsh bards and monks, the practice of inscribing these on wooden surfaces, the 'peithynen ', i.e. the term used to denote a series of four-sided 'billets' or pieces of wood used as a writing surface on which to inscribe words or compositions in the bardic alphabet and inserted in a wooden frame, the mythological account of the origin of the first alphabet devised by human beings, the acquisition of the knowledge of the alphabet by the nation of the Cymry, etc. (for similar material see NLW MS 13093E above); 97-111, 'A Short Account of the Welsh Bards' including a list of ?twenty-two of the 'leading maxims and doctrines of Bardism'; 123-51, further notes on the history, organisation, ceremonies, etc., of the Welsh bardic order; 155-65, lists purporting to contain examples of the following alphabets - 'Gallicum vetus' (extracted from [J.] Mabillon: De re diplomatica . . .), 'Runic', 'Gothic Alphabet of Ulphilas' Gospels', 'Etruscan' (from one of the works of [A. F.] Gori), 'Ancient or Pelasgic Greek characters', 'Romano-British of the 5th Century' (from 'monumental stones at Lantwit Major, Glam[organ]'), 'Bards' Alphabet', 'Monk' Alphabet', 'Saxon Alphabet', etc.; 185-9, ? extracts from Ole Worm: [Runir] seu Danica Literatura antiquissima . . . (Hafniae, 1636); 191-5, transcripts of a 'cywydd' by, or attributed to, Gutto'r Glynn, and 'englynion' by, or attributed to, D[afydd] ab G[wily]m, and extracts from the works of various Welsh bards; 239-63, 'An Account [of] the British Bards and the Bardic or Druidic Mythology and Theology'; 267-76, notes on ceremonial procedure, etc., at bardic meetings; 283-314, a copy of an English poem described as an 'Ode on the Mythology of the Ancient British Bards in the manner of Taliesin. Recited at a Congress of Ancient British Bards assembled on Primrose Hill near London, Sepr. 22d, 1792 . . .', with an introductory 'advertizement' describing the bardic or druidic order, and copious notes on the text (for this poem, with slight textual variations and a variant version of the introductory 'advertizement', see Edward Williams: Poems Lyric and Pastoral . . . (London, 1794), Vol. II, pp. 193- 216); and 325-34, miscellaneous notes and extracts relating to the religion of ancient Gaul, the druids, etc.


Title based on contents.

Formerly known as Llanover C. 10.

Preferred citation: NLW MS 13097B.

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The description is also available in the Handlist of Manuscripts in the National Library of Wales, Volume IV (Aberystwyth, 1971).

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Item: 1.1 Manuscript Volume (NLW MS 13097B). Action: Condition reviewed. Action identifier: 4986005. Date: 20020512. Authorization: Selected for conservation. Authorizing institution: NLW. Action agent: J. Thomas. Status: Manuscript Volume (NLW MS 13097B) : Loose paper item in volume. Institution: WlAbNL.
Item: 1.2 Manuscript Volume (NLW MS 13097B). Action: Conserved. Action identifier: 4986005. Date: 20030605. Authorizing institution: NLW. Action agent: L. Barone. Status: Manuscript Volume (NLW MS 13097B) : Attached loose item. Institution: WlAbNL.

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