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Miscellaneous papers of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg') bound together in one volume. The contents include pp. 13-16, notes on the Welsh bardic order under the heading 'Cadair Tir Iarll'; 21-3, an incomplete, draft or variant version of a 'letter to the reader' [which Edward Williams had written as part of the intended preface to his volume Cyfrinach Beirdd Ynys Prydain]; 25-8, notes on nine medieval kings of Glewisseg, the country 'lying between the River Usk on the side of Gwent and the River Elerch . . . on the side of Kibor in Glamorgan'; 29-31 and 37, transcripts of a Welsh poem entitled 'Cynneddfau amryw Barthau Cymru' attributed to Aneurin, and of a Welsh poem in the hexameter measure attributed to Dafydd o'r Nant; 34, a copy of a notice announcing that 'eisteddfodau' would be held at Corwen and Bala in [ ]; 39 + 42, a copy of an undated letter from 'D' to the editor of The Cambrian providing 'an English paraphrase' of a Welsh sonnet he had previously sent him; 45, a report in Welsh on opinions expressed by [John Moore] archbishop of Canterbury, and [Samuel Horsley], bishop of St. David's, in a debate in the House of Lords, 5 June 1793, concerning a proposal to send missionaries ? to India; 46, an incomplete copy of a letter in Welsh relating to the Moravian Church; 47-8, a transcript of a 'cywydd' attributed to Siôn Tudur; 49-52, a copy of the rules (English) of a society called the 'Berean Society'; 55, an incomplete list of ? the founders of churches in Glamorgan; 56, a note on Sir Robert Ffitsamon's policies in Glamorgan [late 11th cent.]; 60, a transcript of an English poem ? by E. Williams; 61, an extract relating to a nation of White Indians; 63, brief notes headed 'Bricks and Brickmaking'; 65-6, a transcript of a 'cywydd' attributed to Giles ap John; 67-8, an extract from the Gent[leman]'s Mag[azi]ne, April 1810, relating to the court leet of Pember, co. Hants.; 71-2, extracts relating to the use of a copper and tin alloy for making tools and weapons in ancient times; 73-4, an incomplete copy of a poem entitled 'Pennillion arferedig ym Morganwg ar ddydd Priodas'; 80, notes on the metrical foot in Welsh verse ('Corfannau Cerdd Dafod'); 82, ? an incomplete draft of the proposed title-page of [Edward Williams:] Cyfrinach Beirdd Ynys Prydain; 85-9, a copy of the rules, etc. (Welsh) of a society called 'Cymdeithas y Bereaid' (see ref. to Berean Society above); 95-7, an incomplete transcript of a letter [1782] from the Rev. David Jones of Langan [co. Glamorgan], to the Countess of Huntingdon published in The Evangelical Magazine, January 1811 [p. 13], with versions of the said letter in English and Welsh verse; 98-100, a copy of an English poem described as the 'Birth day song of the Cardiff Gazette which was intended to be published on Saturday, January 2d 1813'; 107-10, a copy of ? a section of a letter referring to certain Welsh poetic metres, the poetic tradition in Gwynedd, and a book to be published by recipient ?relating to Welsh poetry; 116, brief notes relating to the poets Rhys Goch o Dir Iarll, D[afydd] ap Gwilym, and D[afydd] ap Edmwnd; 117, biographical notes on Thomas ap Evan ap Rhys, poet, born in the parish of Margam [co. Glamorgan] circa 1474; 124, transcripts of two 'englynion' attributed to Benjamin Dafydd 'o Langeinwyr'; 127, draft proposals by Edward Williams for publishing a volume to be called 'The Bardic Triades . . .'; 160, a sketch plan of a 'gorsedd' circle; 161-2, extracts from [David] Powel [: The Historie of Cambria now called] Wales; 168, a transcript of a 'cywydd' attributed to Meiric Dafydd; 175-7, autobiographical notes [by Edward Williams]; and 179-80, notes headed 'Queries in Rural Architecture, oeconomy, &c'. Interspersed among the items already noted are miscellaneous notes relating to Welsh literary, bardic, and antiquarian matters, lists of Welsh words, brief lists of miscellaneous Welsh triads, stanzas of English and Welsh verse, etc. Some of the notes are written on the blank verso, the margins, and even across the face of copies of a printed handbill issued by Henry Walters, March 1784, advertising his printing office in the town of Cowbridge, printed proposals, 1762, for the publication by the Cymmrodorion Society of a 'Natural History of the Quadrupeds and Birds of Great Britain and Ireland', a printed handbill (undated) setting forth the programme, etc. of a 'Society for the preservation of the remains of ancient British Literature . . . and for the encouragement of the National Music', etc.


Title based on contents.

Formerly known as Llanover C. 19.

Preferred citation: NLW MS 13106B.

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The description is also available in the Handlist of Manuscripts in the National Library of Wales, Volume IV (Aberystwyth, 1971).

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