Women's Liberation Movement - USA

Scope and Content

Topics covered include:

'Time' article: The New Feminists: Revolt Against 'Sexism' (1969, unsigned); Gloria Stein and the launch of 'Ms' (1972); sex discrimination in American universities; women and personal finance; 'New York Magazine' article: Waking Up From the Dream of Women's Lib (1973); campaign against discrimination at work; 'New York Times Magazine' article: Feminism in the $12,000-a-year family (1973); 'Over 21' article: How to Hold a Rap Group (1973); Dr Benjamin Spock; 'New York Magazine' articles (1974): the Female View of Erotica, Vaginal Iconology, the Bisexuals, Sexual Chic Sexual Fascism and Sexual Confusion; Ella Grasso first woman to be elected a State Governor; New York's new women; female assertiveness; 'Peace News' article: UP From Under (1975); 'Time' Women of the Year (1976); equality for women at West Point military academy.